bottle-2032980_1920.jpgHumans require at least 22 mineral elements for their well being. Those 22 minerals can be provided through a healthy diet. However over half the worlds population, an estimated 60% of the worlds 6 Billion people are iron deficient, over 30% are zinc deficient and many are also deficient in calcium, magnesium and copper. (New Phytologiest, Volume 182, issue1, pages 49-84, April 2009)

One factor attributed to mineral deficiency in humans is the low levels of minerals in crops, fish and animal products in the diet. The Journal of New Phytologist also states that, “mineral malnutrition is considered to be among the most serious global challenges to humankind and is avoidable.” (2009)

Some symptoms stemming from mineral deficiency include: osteoporosis, lethargy or chronic fatigue, arthritis, over activation of nerve and muscle impulses, mental confusion, insulin resistance linked to blood sugar imbalances and type 2 diabetes, hearing loss, low blood cholesterol levels, loss of hair colour.

Mineral deficiency is a serious matter that should not go untreated. Drinking mineral water daily helps increase your daily mineral intake.

The Benefits of Minerals

The human body relies on minerals for many functions; and minerals are vital for health. Minerals have many responsibilities to help the body function in perfect harmony. Some of the responsibilities these minerals have are:

  • Calcium helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Calcium also assists in blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, oxygen transport and enzyme activity.
  • Manganese is an essential nutrient in the formation of bone, amino acids, cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Potassium regulates heartbeat, maintains fluid balance and helps muscles contract.
  • Copper is essential for normal red blood cell formation and connective tissue formation.
  • Iron is necessary for red blood cell formation and is required for transport of oxygen throughout the body. Iron is also vital for brain function.
  • Zinc is an essential mineral that is responsible for more than 200 enzymes involved in digestion, metabolism, reproduction and wound healing.
  • Sodium is an important for enzyme operation and muscle contraction.

Electrolyte sea water supplements are a great alternative, as is natural sea salt. Both contain the spectrum of all naturally occurring ionic trace minerals we need.