22If you HAD to choose ONE supplement and ONE supplement only, what would it be?

Creatine? BCAA? Beta-alanine? Protein? Arginine? Glutamine?

All AMAZING products but none of them match my TOP PICK: GREENS!

I believe green drinks are the single most underrated supplement. They don’t fall into the flashy category of sport supplements and so get passed up by the regular trainee.

Lets face it, we could all use some extra veggies in our diets, especially when you consider the fact that most of commercial farm soil is depleted which impacts the nutritional quality on the vegetables it produces!

One of the most beneficial greens on the market, and one that I use exclusively with my clients, is called Macro Greens, a non-allergenic nutrient-rich super food supplement that optimizes pH for stimulant-free health. On a food level, it surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vegetables without the calories or carbohydrates.

I love the fac that Macro Greens contains thirty-eight synergistic ingredients that feed the body at the cellular level, nourishing with anti-oxidants, co-nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. It also contains adaptogenic and metabolic herbs, natural fibers, harmonizing support herbs  and natural plant enzymes. It also contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids, including:


**Glutamic Acid



**L-Aspartic Acid














**L-Histidine HCL


**L-Ornithine HCL



Many have asked me if they still need to use a multi-vitamin while on Macro Greens. This foundational formula provides most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need for the day. However, I recommend you supplement above and beyond Macro Greens with a good Calcium/Magnesium (2 to 1 ratio) supplement to fulfill your RDA recommended daily intake and Flax Seed Oil for EFA’S (essential fatty acids).

The ingredients in Macro Greens are mostly cold processed or processed at low temperatures to ensure enzyme bioactivity.   With the exception of the vitamin E and a few herbs and extracts such as; Silymarin, Green Tea, Grape Seed, Ginkgo Biloba, Eleuthero Root, and Echinacea.  Additionally, the barley grass juice process has a patented cold process to assure the most bio-ability and superior quality. A such, the benefits of using this product daily include increased energy, weight loss, increased mental clarity, balanced blood sugar, strengthened immune system and improved digestion.

Beneficial For Health Problems?

Some suffer from Irritable Bowel Symptom and most people with IBS respond very well to Macro Greens because it helps cleanse the colon wall and supplies all necessary factors. Start slow using ½ Tablespoon or less daily the first week.  In the second week increase to full a tablespoon and then gradually increase to 1 ½ Tablespoon per day.  Safely use more if needed, as Macro greens is a “food” supplement and you won’t overdose.

Macro Greens has not been tested on diabetics but does have the potential to regulate blood sugar and provide better blood sugar management, for many reasons, one being it’s high alkalinity factor. Research concludes that supplementation with barley grass in combination with antioxidative vitamins can reduce and may protect type 2 diabetic patients from vascular diseases. The conclusion that barley grass with antioxidants is beneficial for type 2 diabetics (who are at higher than normal risk for heart and circulatory maladies) is based on the fact that diabetics have particularly high levels of free radicals, which damage vascular tissues, and that barley grass is particularly rich in the powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase.”

For diabetes, I recommend that you start out slowly, taking 1 teaspoon of Macro Greens a day for 1 week.  Make sure to monitor your blood sugar as well.  After 1 week you can increase the amount to 1 teaspoon two times a day and can increase incrementally up to 1 teaspoon three times a day.

The usual disclaimer: “As with any health issue and supplement please check with your health provider prior to using.  Macro Greens is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

Weight Loss Plan

Step 1 – Mix 8oz of organic apple juice with 24oz of purified water.  Add 2-3 tablespoons of Macro Greens.  Mix together and pour into a quart container.  Refrigerate.  Drink one 8oz glass of the Macro Greens mixture three times a day, at least one half hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Step 2 – Focus on making healthy food choices and portion control at mealtimes.

Step 3 – Add more physical activity to your day.

You will find that once you start drinking Macro Greens, your body will actually crave healthy food. Junk food, sweets, carbs—they will no longer appeal to you. And it immediately begins to alkalize the body, so the acidic condition neutralizes and cravings diminish. It puts your body on the right track.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: About 1 Tbsp. (9.4 g)
Servings per Container: About 30
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Calories 50  
Total Fat 1 g 2.5%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 51 mg 1.88%
Potassium 28 mg 0.75%
Total Carbohydrate 6 g 2.5%
Dietary Fiber 2 g 7.52%
Sugars 1 g *
Protein 3 g 5%
Vitamin A    
Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin)    
Vitamin C Complex    
Calcium Citrate    
Magnesium Glycinate 40 mg 4%
Iron 1.5 mg 8.4%
Nutrient Rich Super Foods
Certified Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder 1200 mg *
Certified Organic Spirulina Powder 600 mg *
Chlorella-Cracked Cell 200 mg *
Spinach Powder with Octacosanol, Triaconsanol, Hexacosanol, Tetracosanol Proprietary Blend 85 mg *
Non-Dairy Probiotic Cultures Min. Organisms (At MFG) 8.5 Billion Units
Lactobacillus Rhamnosus   *
Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bulgaricus   *
Bifidobacterium Longum and Breve   *
Vitamin E (Natural d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate) 100 IU 334%
Grape Seed (95% Proanthocyanidins) 30 mg *
Ginkgo Biloba (24% Ginkgo Flavoglycosides 6% Terpene Lactones) 10 mg *
Antioxidant Proprietary Blend 1280 mg
Acerola Berry Juice Powder (natural source of Vitamin C)   *
Bioflavonoids (Citrus)   *
Silymarin (Milk Thistle 80% Extract)   *
Green Tea (60% Polyphenols, 40% Catechins)   *
Rutin   *
Adaptogenic and Metabolic Herbs Proprietary Blend 1690 mg
Red Raspberry Powder   *
Parsley Juice Powder   *
Ginger Powder (Freeze Dried)   *
Horsetail Stem Powder   *
Royal Jelly (5% 10-HDA)   *
Licorice Root Powder   *
Eleuthero Root Extract   *
Suma (Pfaffia Paniculata)   *
Astragulus Membranicus   *
Damiana   *
Echinacea Augustifolia (Extract 5% Echinacoside) 35 mg *
Natural Fibers Proprietary Blend 1933 mg
Lecithin Powder 99% Oil Free (Non-GMO)   *
Apple Pectin   *
Apple Fiber   *
Certified Organic Flax Seed Meal   *
Harmonizing and Support Herbs Proprietary Blend 1170 mg
Yucca Juice Powder   *
Watercress Juice Powder   *
Carrot Juice Powder   *
Certified Organic Beet Juice Powder   *
Nova Scotia Dulse   *
Cactus Powder   *
Aloe Vera (Freeze Dried) 450 mg *
Natural Plant Enzymes
Protease, Lipase, Amylase and Cellulase
200 mg *
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
*Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: Stevia, and certified organic natural flavors.

Gluten free non-allergenic formula

No fillers or animal testing. No sugar added. Low-glycemic. No artificial colors, preservatives or ingredients.

Ingredients Explained

Macro Greens® does not contain any common allergens or other harsh ingredients. This formula is free of wheat grass, alfalfa, oat, kamut, rye, soil based organisms, kelp, bee pollen, garlic, onion, MSG, GMO’s, yeast, egg, artificial coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat , gluten, corn, stabilizers, pesticides, herbicides or any dairy animal products.


Certified Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder:

The most alkaline pH factor available in food. Contains large amounts of natural chlorophyll and the enzyme Super Oxide Dismulase (SOD). Barley grass provides one of the widest spectrums of naturally occurring nutrients available in a single source. Superior to wheat or alfalfa. “Barley is the perfect source for alkalizing the body.”

Spirulina – Premium Quality:

Abundant amino acid content delivers sustained energy, and a potent source of Beta Carotene. Richest of all the blue green algae, easily digested biologically complete protein. World’s richest natural source of vegetarian B-12 and highly absorbable organic iron.

Grape Seed Extract 

Rich in Bioflavanoids and Proanthocyanidins. These free radical fighters help to protect and strengthen connective tissue, and improve elasticity of the skin by stabilizing collagen and elastin. Grape Seed Extract is shown to be 20 times more potent than vitamin C or Vitamin E.

Aloe Vera:

Contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. Addresses gastrointestinal issues: assists digestion, bowel and colon health and also addresses concerns with stomach acids.

Chlorella –Cracked Cell:

Provides the highest natural source of chlorophyll. The synergistic effect of the many nutrients contained in chlorella help to balance and stabilize the body’s processes at the cellular level.

Ultra Lecithin (Non-GMO):

Essential to the function of every cell and vital to hair and skin health, Ultra Lecithin helps with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and is the best source of the brain nutrient Choline. 99%oil free and contains 97% phosphatides.

Non-Dairy Probiotic Culture

Macro Greens® contains 18 billion healthy non-dairy acidophilus cultures per serving to help digest food and aid the absorption of vitamins and minerals. These non-centrifuged cultures are necessary for intestinal hygiene and aid immune system health. Studies show a reduction of cholesterol levels and improved immune function after supplementation with probiotic cultures. I have had more success with this one ingredient than any other as it seems to solve digestive problems such as gas, bloating and especially constipation. It works, and FAST. Think of it like an extremely gentle, year round colon cleanse.

Certified Organic Flax Seed:

Flax seed is by far the richest plant source of omega-3, 6 and 9’s found anywhere. Omega-3 and 6 are essential fatty acids, not made by your body. A great source of natural energy and dietary fiber.

Ginkgo Biloba 24% Extract:

A powerful antioxidant that improves delivery of oxygen to the brain, Ginkgo Biloba benefits short-term memory, cardiovascular hand respiratory health.

Fiber & Colon Cleaners:

High pectin apple fiber helps maintain intestinal balance, cleaning the intestinal tract with 17% soluble and insoluble fibers. Pectin and natural chlorophyll both help to cleanse, detoxify, and maintain optimal intestinal and colon health.

Natural Plant Enzymes:

Enzymes are specialized protein molecules facilitating most of the body’s metabolic processes. Also they help deliver the specific nutrients for muscle and tissue repair, as well as supports vibrant immune function. A broad spectrum of plant enzymes to aid digestion and to promote delivery of nutrients to your bloodstream and cells.

Liver, Kidney, and digestive support:

Milk thistle (Silymarin) and Parsley juice powder

Healthy Herbs:

Ginger, red raspberry, parsley and horsetail have been added in addition to normal adaptogens to balance hormones and improve digestion

Other Essential Ingredients:

Yucca, watercress and carrot juice powder all help joint conditions and relax the nervous system. Enzymes are added to eliminate gaseous reactions and prevent allergic reactions. Stevia is used to enhance flavour.

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