fruits-2546119_1920People give a myriad of reasons as to why they chose the path to wellness. Many times it’s because they’re tired, sick, want to lose weight or have a disease. All of these reasons came about because they’ve hit a dead-end, living a life with no preventative approach. This happens because people are busy, stressed, don’t care about their health or simply don’t know why they’re headed in this direction.

One thing to realize about health is that it isn’t a destination or even a journey. That makes it a far away goal. Think of it like a vehicle which needs to be maintained to participate fully in the things of life which have meaning for us and which make it enjoyable.

Without a preventative approach to life, your vehicle will keep breaking down, and so will our personal and professional life. I’m amazed how minutely people plan ahead for a business trip but will give little or no thought as to how they’ll feel tomorrow if they eat junk food.

I always tell my clients – if you don’t have good health, you have nothing because everything becomes a burden – from effectively earning an income, forging a productive family life or even clear thinking. Health must become a priority BEFORE it deteriorates to the point where we can no longer participate in activities we enjoy.

So from years of experience observing clients, I can telly you confidently that a preventative approach to health is your best option. Get active, eat nutritious food and stay healthy! The rest will take care of itself.