beverages-2763024_1920.jpgLooking for a good, natural drink that acts as a source of healthy energy while working out? Then use honey to support a healthier exercise routine.

The University of Memphis found that honey is a highly effective pre and post exercise energy source. Researchers studied the performance of athletes supplemented with honey during endurance cycling trials. The cyclists’ power and speed were significantly improved using honey compared to those using a placebo. Honey was found to boost performance equal to glucose, a more common carbohydrate source. But honey promotes steady blood sugar, helping sustain energy and promoting recovery, while glucose does not.

So replace expensive, unhealthful energy drinks with those you make yourself to support a more active lifestyle and lose excess weight. Here’s how:

Mix 1/3 cup unsweetened grapefruit, cranberry, pomegranate or other tart juice with 1/3 cup (or less to suit taste) honey. Add 6 cups of water. If necessary for exercise in hot weather, add a few grains of sea salt. Blend well, distribute in sports bottles and refrigerate till ready to use.

Or steep four tea bags of your favorite herbal, green or flavored black tea in two cups boiling water. Add five additional cups water and 1/3 cup honey (or less), stir well and store in sports bottles in the refrigerator till ready to use.

Experiment by mixing teas, juices, supplements, water and honey in your own proportions for a sports drink that supports your exercise program and provides a healthy boost of energy.