person-2248567_1920.jpgIs there an association between the psychosomatic, nutrition and digestive health? Eating wholesome foods and remaining active is only part of the equation to well-being. If our dinner table is full of arguments, complaints, nagging, and tension, then there’s a good chance we will condition a negative response to that event, and the food itself.

Additionally, if we wolf down our food, we also impair digestion. Years down the road, when we sit in a doctor’s office with allergies, insomnia, mild depression or some other illness, the doctor will most likely miss the association with the dynamics of the family table years earlier.

Some researchers say that digestive disorders are the principal causes of many otherwise unexplained symptoms and diseases. This includes our stomach, the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. All are intimately tied to what we eat and how we feel.

Interestingly, studies how that those who have dinner in a nurturing environment, with laughter, jokes and relaxed conversation, tend to have less digestive difficulties and conversely suffer from less pathological conditions.

Ask yourself: “Am I bathing my mind in a nurturing or destructive atmosphere during dinner time?” Eat with loved ones, enjoy healthy foods, chew slowly and savour the experience. A relaxed, happy dinnertime atmosphere at the family table leads to a recipe for long-term, sustainable health.