raspberries-423194_1920.jpgOur body operates on basic laws of health, which allow it to operate in a normal, healthy fashion. Modern science and much of the medicinal field scoffs at such simplicity. Some mumble about fanaticism and information overload. But being informed and following a moderate course of action to sustained good health is never a bad thing. Here are a few basic points to remember:

1) Keeping a positive mental attitude: this is a huge part of good health. Studies have long proven that positive emotions have beneficial overall effects upon our body. In fact, the mind/body connection is so powerful, that merely thinking about food when hungry can start your stomach rumbling intensely. Even so, the mind can turn destructive emotions in bellyaches, headaches, digestive difficulties and even more serious effects. This connection works on so many different levels — even through peaceful music, surrounding atmosphere, colours, sounds and smells.

2) Stop stuffing your body with offending substances — refined foods and junk foods give us little in nutrition, cause digestive difficulties, gum up our elimination, and produce poisons in the body. We willingly endure all that in return for taste – truly amazing.

3) Congestion and toxins have a dramatic effect upon our body systems – namely – they produce disease. Refined foods are so destructive because they contain elements that do little to alkalize and nourish our body. They were never meant to be in a living organism, much less keep us in a state of health and vitality.

4) Supply the body with the nutrients it needs and eat those foods which constitute the proper fuel source – namely whole foods with intact nutrients. These foods are alkaline and naturally contain the proper nutrient ratios to power the human body.

Remember, only those who profit from ill health wish us to collectively bury our heads in the sand and keep eating for short term pleasure. But the long run always vindicates wholesome eating practices through informed decisions. I hope you’ll be one of the one’s with common sense.