sport-2863541_1920.jpgHave you been told you’re a normal weight for your height? Great, but have you also had your body fat tested? One of the best barometers of heart health is the amount of body fat we carry. That’s why working out with weights is so good for you, because you can put on lean muscle mass and reduce body fat.Let’s face it, we no longer work as hard as in the old days. Jobs are more sedentary in general and even if our weight is considered normal, it may not be healthy. I’ve long counselled clients that everyone should engage in fitness, regardless of body type or size. Just because someone looks normal on the outside doesn’t mean that person is healthy on the inside.

There’s actually a good amount of studies showing roughly 50% of individuals with a healthy BMI may carry an unhealthy body fat level. Basic weight and BMI measurements can be greatly misleading as they simply don’t provide enough information about body composition — the ratio of fat mass to fat free mass.

In short, if you exercise regularly and eat in a healthy manner, your  body composition will likely be in a better range and you’ll avoid future illness and disease. You will also experience an increase in strength, vitality, mood and energy. It’s hard to argue against that!